Before each ride, Wrangler / trip guide will go over safety, basic horse 101 on how to mount, dismount, steer/control horse, what to expect , dos and don’ts. Be sure to dress appropriately for weather conditions. We recommend closed shoes, bring along any medications that may be needed, cameras, drinks or snacks no problem.

Our one hour trip offers scenic views of Silver Creek Lake, wetlands, Spruce Forest, old log roads, and a distant view of Snowshoe Resort.

Two hour trip includes the above, plus old log roads, stream crossing at Shaffer’s Fork, long range scenic valley views Eastward toward Cass Railroad and the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains of Highland County Virginia.

Our three and four hour rides can include all the above plus the old town of Spruce where Cass Railroad journeys or a ride to top of the world that overlooks Silver Creek, Snowshoe Resort, and Monongahela National Forest.

All rides are subject to weather conditions, rides may vary due to conditions and rider ability.